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Application requirements for full-time History and Theory of Arts doctoral studies 2024 academic year

History and Theory of Arts Doctoral Studies | Admission | Doctoral studies | Doctoral studies | Vilnius Academy of Arts (vda.lt)

Admission to the artistic doctorate studies in the field of Music

Entrance examinations: June 19–20, 2024

Admission documents are submitted in one pdf. by e-mail doktorantura@lmta.lt

Deadline for application – 2 June, 2024

Contacts for inquiries: 

Mob.: +370 687 94630
E-mail: doktorantura@lmta.ltbozena.ciurlioniene@lmta.lt
Address: Gedimino Ave. 42, 01110 Vilnius, Lithuania
Room: 1208

List of documents:

The following documents are to be submitted by the applicant to artistic doctorate studies:

  1. Application to the Rector (the form of the Application is available here);
  2. CV and description of creative activity;
  3. Master’s degree diploma or an equivalent higher university education diploma and its supplement;
  4. List of the applicant’s creative works (concerts, audio/video recordings, compositions);
  5. Copies of contest and festival diplomas, reviews in press, etc.;
  6. Master’s thesis, publications in cultural, art and scientific publications (if any);
  7. Descriptor of the planned artistic research project (between 3,000 and 5,000 words; printed and electronic versions (send to email doktorantura@lmta.lt);
  8. Programme of the presentation of creative work/performance (the artistic part of the entrance examination), including duration of pieces (total duration between 30 and 40 min.);
  9. Copy of the passport or ID card;
  10. Copy of the bank receipt confirming the payment of the entrance fee.

Good English knowledge is required (Level B2 according to Common European Framework, IELTS 5-6.5, TOEFL iBT 87-109)


The fee for artistic doctorate studies in English for one year (2023-2024 academic year)

International students can apply for state funding if they participate in the entrance competition and are selected as the best.

Note: The studies are organised in English providing the group consists of no less than three international students.

Entrance fee is 45,00 EUR.

The fee is paid to the LMTA account. The following are the banking details required for the payment: recipient – Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, entity code – 111950624; bank of the recipient – Swedbank, account No LT14 7300 0100 0245 5553; payment code – 103129; payment purpose – for entrance examinations.

Procedure of entrance examinations to artistic doctorate studies (a detailed descriptor of the procedure is available here)
The applicant to the artistic doctorate studies shall participate in the competition consisting of two parts: 1) the presentation of creative work; 2) the presentation of the planned art project, submission of its descriptor and an interview. 

In the presentation of creative work, the applicant’s artistic and creative abilities, artistic maturity and professional competence are to be demonstrated. Duration of the presentation is between 30 and 40 minutes.

The presentation of the planned artistic research project consists of two parts:
a) the presentation of the project and its descriptor,
b) the interview on the matters related to the selected study field.

The presentation of the planned artistic research project consists of an oral introduction of the main ideas of the project and deliberation about the art project as well as the discussion of the applicant’s publications (if any).

During the interview, the applicant’s theoretical knowledge, their competence in the selected study field, general knowledge and ability to express their view in a founded and fluent manner are tested.