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Ensembles apply at one of the partner institutions and after successful entrance examinations are enrolled into the programme at this institution which is considered as the home institution. ECMAster students spend semesters 1 and 4 at their home institution and semesters 2 and 3 at two different host institutions. Two exchange semesters at partner institutions and participation in joint intensive modules (ECMA sessions) are obligatory:

  • Semester 1: Home institution
  • Semester 2: Potential host institutions: Fiesole, Manchester, Oslo or Vienna
  • Semester 3: Potential host institutions: Paris, The Hague or Vilnius
  • Semester 4: Home institution

Each ensemble is appointed a principal artistic supervisor from the home institution and artistic supervisors from each host institution. 


Ensembles are committed to attend a minimum of six ECMA sessions within the two years, normally one session in semesters 1 and 4, and two sessions in semesters 2 and 3. In semesters 2 and 3, one of the sessions will be at the host institution. In semesters 1 and 4, the ensemble will participate in the session at the home institution.


ECMAster students entering the programme at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA) will benefit from a wide range of performance opportunities as well as 68 hours of chamber music lessons and 34 hours of solo instrument lessons by the best chamber musicians and featuring soloists. ECMAster students follow the programme at LMTA as a home institution during the first and the last semester while studying at two different host institutions during the two other semesters:

ECMAster courses taken at the host institutions during Semester 3 and 4 are fully recognized by LMTA as a part of the joint curriculum, information about the courses, credits and results appear on Diploma Supplement and ECMAster Certificate.


ECMAster students entering the programme at one of ECMAster partner institutions, may select LMTA as a host institution during Semester 3. Students may apply for Semester 3 in frames of Erasmus+ student mobility programme. Erasmus+ student application deadline is 15th of May. Partner institutions are recommended to nominate ECMAster ensemble by the end of March.

Semester 3 – courses offered at LMTA: Chamber Music (15 ECTS), Solo Instrument (5 ECTS), and two elective courses (10 ECTS).


Music Performance Studies (5 ECTS)

Technology and New Media (5 ECTS)

Contemporary Chamber Music and Improvisation (5 ECTS)

Music Performance Management (5 ECTS), to be confirmed in 2019

Lithuanian Ethnic Music Practice (5 ECTS), to be confirmed in 2019